Amy & Chad

"We just watched our wedding video and all we can say are two words: Thank You. Chad and I have a wonderful, living document of our wedding day. So much happens on your wedding day and it goes by so quickly, so like many couples. . . we were waiting for the video to see what it all looked like.

Hesitant at first that a video would look staged, too cute or make guests self-conscious during filming, our wedding planner insisted that you were in fact, her favorite...

...We will see our old friends and relatives dancing, laughing, eating and celebrating our special day with us in the beautiful room with the lovely flowers and with the excitement and joy that was felt that day.

You captured all of it. We are so pleased..."

"...Walter!!! The video is BEYOND COOL!!! We are so so impressed with your work– amazing!!! You captured the day perfectly, you captured our personalities and our friends' and families' personalities perfectly!!!

wow wow wow. I swear, it is by far the best video I've ever seen (and I'm not just saying that because we are the stars, really!) From beginning to end, we loved every moment. You are extraordinarily talented, and we cannot thank you enough for giving us this wonderful way to remember our wedding day.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I will certainly write a glowing review for you on the Wedding Channel, but if there is anything else we can do please let us know!

All of our best wishes, and all of our thanks!!!"

"Our wedding video is absolutely astonishing! We were completely blown away by the beauty and artistry with which you captured and portrayed our day. You completely exceeded our expectations!

The video transcends documenting the day to conveying the emotion and energy of the event. We also love how you so beautifully set it to our favorite music– it makes it truly personal. The subtle background music with our vows is perfect, and we LOVE how you captured our first dance. We've watched it four times so far, and it's brought tears to our eyes every time!

Words cannot express how much we love our video, and how grateful we are to you for creating such a beautful and moving portrait of the best day of our lives!"

"We finally were able to show my mom the video tonight and it brought her to tears as well. It is amazing how you were able to bring all the most important, touching, emotional, yet funny times of our day together into one amazing video. A few friends have seen it and they wanted to watch it again after watching it the first time. I have now seen it about 5 or six times and every time I watch I can't help but cry. I have run into a few brides just this weekend and one of the first things I do is recommend they check out your website and request a wedding video. I can't believe what we would have been missing if we didn't hire you!"

"You are truly a very talented artist. Thank you so very much for making our wedding video more than just a wedding video. You wove everything in beautifully. Out of all the decisions I made during the crazy wedding planning, having you create our video was the best decision of them all. We are thrilled with it!!! we have four more weddings to be had in the future and they all have their videographer chosen! You shouldn't waste too much money advertising because your work speaks volumes!"

"Thank you so much for the wedding video-it is fantastic! In addition to being the nicest and most reliable vendor you are so talented. The editing is incredible, the different styles, where you put the musical selections-we couldn't be happier. We've already watched it a few times and I am recommending you all over the place. If you ever need a reference I'm your girl. Choosing you was the smartest of all our wedding decisions. The last line in the video is hilarious and my family loved it! Honestly, I could go on and on.

Thank you for the memory of a lifetime.