Packages and Pricing


This is a 6 hour package shot with an HD camera at your ceremony, as well as your reception. The sound is captured both live, as well as with wireless microphones (during the ceremony). Your final product will be on Blu-ray disc, DVD, or onto a hard drive that you provide. The end product is an awesome summary video of your day.


This package is an 8 hour version of package one. This is the most popular package, because it is about how long a wedding day usually is (if you were to start from getting ready until the final cutting of the cake at the reception). It's a great time capsule of your entire wedding day experience.


This is the massive 10 hour package! As you plan out your wedding day, you might realize that 8 hours of coverage is just not going to cut it... This package is for you! Your wedding day will not happen again, so be sure to allow enough time to capture it all!

3 Hour Package

The 3-Hour Option - $1,000.00
This is a custom package you can opt for that is just 3 hours long. It’s great for people who want a professional HD videographer to cover the ceremony and some of the moments preceding and following it. For $1000.00 you’d have your event shot on HD video (1 camera) and your end product would be on Blu-ray or DVD, with chapters, and your input on music selections.

Additional Options

Second Shooter - $250.00
A highly recommended option that will double the coverage of your wedding day and make for a richer, fuller end product.

Full-Length Edit - $500.00
Besides having your summary video, have a full-length video as well. This video times out to be 60-90 minutes in length and it takes you through every section of the day with just the right mix of live audio and music. This is what you will want to watch as the years go by.

Please note that Walter cannot guarantee that he will personally be able to shoot these half price packages if a full price package wedding books on the same day.. in that case his assistant/s will shoot the wedding and Walter would catch up with them at the beginning or end of the event if possible.

9.00% sales tax not included on packages.

"Childhood Memory" video - $250
If you would like a montage of your favorite photographs on video that follow your lives from childhood to dating to current day, it is available. This can be used at the reception and/or be put onto your final wedding video disc. A video of this nature is about 5-10 minutes long and you can select the songs for each section.

"Souped-up Childhood Memory" video - $500
Have some fun with your slideshow by starring in it! Tell the story about how you met (there are usually two versions of this story) — even act out the story of how you first met! Bring your friends in to be "extras!" The souped-up childhood memory video brings a lot of life and a lot of laughs to your slideshow. This package includes a 2 hour shoot with Walter no later than 1 month before the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner - $500
Some people opt to do most of their toasts on a night leading up to the wedding, and not on the actual wedding night. Everybody is a lot more relaxed and candid and it is a great addition to have to your wedding day video.

Projection not included.

Final Production
The final product is provided on a Blu-ray or DVD disc. Once it has been edited, you will have a very custom-made feeling wedding video. It feels more custom-made than most wedding videos because you have the option to provide the songs used in the video. Because Walter has sat down with you, knows your taste in music, and has experienced the wedding firsthand—when he actually edits the video it becomes very personal.

The goal is to have a beautiful and fun time capsule that you can enjoy for years and years to come.

If you opt to have a full-length edit, which seems excessive at first, you will be able to walk back into your wedding day 10 years from now without feeling rushed. Each section of day is covered - from getting ready, to guests arriving, the cocktail hour.. little things that don’t seem so significant today are pretty special as the years go by. A well edited full-length video is much different than having the extra video footage from your wedding to fast forward through on your anniversary.

Also, free of charge, if you send in a hard drive before or during the edit session, you’ll receive a copy of your wedding video as a Quicktime file.