Walter Pawluk has been shooting film and video for over 18 years now. It is a passion of his.

After being accepted into the film program at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, his skills flourished as he experimented with film making, commercial advertising, and music videos. While still in school, he won 2 Gold Clio awards for his commercial work for Levi’s and Conroy's Flowers.

He started work immediately in the commercial industry directing spots primarily in New York and Los Angeles. Having worked with some of the finest creative agencies and film crews, Walter developed the ability to not only communicate well with others, but to read situations as they unfold, making the most of productions that sometimes have a life of their own.

While he was still involved in the commercial industry and as a Director’s Guild member, Walter acquired his own equipment and technology to shoot, direct, and edit his own work. This opened up a wide array of film-making opportunities and found its way to his friend’s wedding in 2001, where he was encouraged to shoot and edit the wedding day "however he wanted to." What followed was a fantastic documentary of that wonderful day which was both funny and touching; beautiful, yet candid and spontaneous. While most video companies these days focus on the slick, over-produced movie trailers, there are still people that want the whole experience. That is Walter's specialty, the whole movie. The end product is unique and custom made, shot by someone versed in film making that really pays attention to details and nuances while keeping it plain fun!

From the early days of borrowing his mom’s super 8 mm camera, to directing commercials across the United States for clients such as McDonalds, Toyota, Geffen Records, and BlockBuster Video, one thing remains the same - story telling.

Walter is married and resides in San Dimas, California.